BBPIS PH CH FALCON TAKE MY BREATH AWAY or Drew is a Best Baby Puppy In Show winner and also have a multi country Champion Title ( Montenegro Ch ,Azerbadian Ch, Costa rica Ch , Moldova Ch, Cyprus Ch) .He is out of Ph Ch Artemis Born Extra amazing "Orwell" and Artemis Extremely the Best "Violet".


PH CH ARTEMIS BORN EXTRA AMAZING or ORWELL .His dad CH REMI - #1 Shih Tzu (National Top Dog 2008) , #4 All Breed Natinal Top Dog 2008, Multiple Best In Show Winner Phil. Hall Of Fame , Thailand Champion, Phil. Grand Champion HEARTY'S ALL EYES ON ME (Thailand Import) and PH CH ARTEMIS BORN TO BE THE BEST " Debbie ". Orwell is a Group4 winner, Best of Breed winner, multiple Ru-best of Breed Winner, Best Baby Puppy in Group winner.

PH CH FALCON'S THE AMAZING PRINCE or PRINCE is out of Ph Ch Artemis Born Extra Amazing "Orwell" and Ph Ch Sunnyside Wild Wild Circuit "KC". Finished with all major points win.

PH CH ARTEMIS ULTIMATE HOT DEMON or DEMON .  His parents are Phil Champ Hearty's Artemis Ultimate Winning Machine (Thai) and Phil Champ Artemis Sinfully Hot Pepper.Demon is a Best of Breed Winner . Group Winner and a multiple Best in Baby Puppy Show Winner.

PH CH ARTEMIS MEGA WINNIN JACKPOT or JACKY is A Multiple Best Baby Puppy in Show Winner and Phil Born Best in Show Winner.His parents are CH KEVIN  ( gr sire of merit)- #1 Shih Tzu 2003,2004,2006 ; #3 all breed 2003 & 2004 ; #2 all breed 2006 ;Multiple Best in Show Winner,Thailand Champion,Philippine Hall of Famer , Phil. Grand Champion Midnightdream Winning Edge (South African Import) and  CH TAMMIE - A Best in Show Winner & multi-champion producer, Group Winner , Philippine Champion Hearty's Artemis First Winning Ride (Thailand Import)