NEWS !!!

Falcon Fabulous Perfection or Venus at CCCI All Breed Championship Dog Shows , April 17,2011 , won Best Baby Puppy in Group under International Judge Mr. Tsai Chin-Fa (Taiwan)

Falcon My Special Angel or Britney At BFCI All Breed Championship Dog Shows , 10 April 2011 , won WB , BOW , BOS under International Judge Mr. Partha Chatterjee (India) and WB under Ms. Maribel Sy (Phil), She got 2 major points (5 &3)

CH FALCON EXTRA AMAZING STAR OR MYMY , @ 454th & 455th PCCI All Breed Championship Dog Shows, Under International Judge Mr. Darren Bowey ( Australia) ,Ring 2, Won Ru best of Breed , BOS ,Group 4.

FALCON EXTRA AMAZING STAR OR MYMY : 454th & 455th PCCI All Breed Championshi Dog Shows , under International Judge Ms. Marie Merchant (Australia) , Won Winners Bitch , and by this win Finished her Championship Title.

FALCON EXTRA AMAZING STAR or MYMY : MCPCCI All Breed DoG Shows (Jan. 30,2011) won Winners Bitch under International Judge Mr. Rodi Hubenthal (Norway).

FALCON EXTRA AMAZING STAR "MYMY" : 448th &449th PCCI ALL BREED CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOWS(Oct. 16-17 , 2010) , Won Back to Back best of Winners. Winners Bitch ,under 2 international Judges , Dr. Andi Hudono ( Indonesia ) & Ms. Natalia Nekroseine (Lithuania) 1st time out in show as a regular , Winning against 6 to 7 regular bitches and over the Winners dog (won over 6 to 7 dogs also). got 10 pts,

ORWELL :MCPCCI All Breed Championship Dog Shows (Aug. 28-29, 2010) Is now A Phil. Champ , finishes with a Ru-Best Of Breed win , Best Of Winners Under Judge Roberto Tesoro

Prince ( Falcons The Amazing Prince): LAKAI All Breed Championship Dog Shows (Aug. 7,2010) won Best Baby Puppy In Breed Under Indonisian Judge Daniel Kwee.

ORWELL : CCCI ALL BREED CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOWS (July 11,2010) Was awarded Group 4 , BEST OF BREED , BEST OF WINNERS , WINNERS DOG  under Judge Roberto Tesoro

ORWELL: 444TH & 445TH PCCI ALL BREED DOG SHOW (June 19-20, 2010),won Winners Dog, Best of Winners , Ru-Best In Breed Under Judge Ms. Elaine Ty (Phil)

ORWELL : PCCI 440TH AND 441ST ALL BREED CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW (April 24,2010), won Winners Dog and Best of Winners under Judge Ms. Elizabeth Gunter (Aust.)

TOM: LAKAI All Breed Championship Dog Show (Sept. 6,2009). Won Best Baby Puppy in Breed under Judge Partha Chaterjee (India).

TOM: All breed Metro Clark Pampanga Canine Club Inc (back to back) Aug.22-23,2009    Joiningonly the sunday Show). Won Best  Baby Puppy in Group Under Judge Robert Dawson (Phi).



ORWELL:17th & 18th Philippine Hound Group Club,INC ALL BREED SHOW, winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP under Judge Ms. Wera Hubenthal (Norway)


ORWELL: 413th and 414 PCCI Show Jan. 17,2009, won Best baby puppy in Breed  under Ms. Carmen Haller (canada)


Violet  : BK9CI All Breed Show Sept 7,2008. won Winners Bitch under Australian judge Mr. Myron Arthur. CCCI Show June 15,2008 ,she won WB (3pts) under Judge Philip Pouton. 401st & 402nd PCCI All Breed Show,June 21 ,2008 she won WB under Judge Tomio Fujihata (Japan).

Whitney at BK9CI All Breed show 9/7/08 La Mirada Plaridel Bulacan , where she won her 1st point (WB) under Judge MS. Elaine Ty.

KC at  PDCP show 9/22/07 Tiendesitas ,Frontera Verde Pasig City  where she won WB.BOW,RUBOB,BOS,BIG-2 under Judge Dave Strachan (Aust) and WB,BOW under Ted Pickering (Aust).



Jacky at Pedigree Bench Show ,April 22-23 ,NBC Tent Fort Bonifacio,Taguig City, where he won Ru-Best Phil. Born in show and Best Phil Born in Group 3 under Mr.John Sheppard (Aust) and Best Phil. Born in Group 3 under Ms. Val Marrow (Aust).